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Located at 2017 N. Davidson Street, in a period correct brick building, Bodyworx is excited to bring a new focus to Charlotte’s burgeoning fitness options. Targeted for all fitness levels, BodyWorx offers a proven platform for those that want to reclaim their fitness or lose some of the weight that may have accumulated over the years.

According to Thea Winick, Director at BodyWorx there are really three things that distinguish BodyWorx from the typical gym experience. “At BodyWorx we focus on three core aspects that really set us apart; Our leading-edge exercise programs coupled with clear, results proven nutrition planning and an unmatched community that fosters and promotes your personal accountability. Combined it is a unique experience that is changing lives.”

BodyWorx combines the best and brightest strategies of Bootcamps, Crossfit principles, cardio and conventional strength training into its HIIT / Hybrid exercise classes to produce the highest value exercise programming in the area. Led by certified Instructors, each of the more than thirty classes offered weekly ensure an outstanding workout no matter your fitness level, from beginner to ardent athlete.

BodyWorx recognizes that a quality exercise program must be paired with a nutritional plan to achieve optimum results. While the frequency and quality of exercise is critical, it must be supported by clear guidance on how to eat properly. Paul Tryon at BodyWorx summed it up, “The 23 hours lived outside the gym are equally important to your fitness journey.  Your efforts need to be supported by eating the proper food.  At BodyWorx we offer a variety of Challenges to help people achieve their fitness and health goals, each paired with a nutrition plan that will serve as a life-long foundation.”

And finally, Bodyworx realizes there are a lot of great fitness options in Charlotte, we find that folks want an atmosphere where they are welcome, they are supported by peers on a similar journey and the community is truly invested in their success.

Check out BodyWorx on Facebook at BodyWorxnc or online at or call 980-217-2267. We would love to invite you for a complimentary workout and chat with you about what sets us apart.

  • Person Paul Tryon
  • Address 2017 N Davidson St
    Charlotte, NC 28205

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