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It all started when two guys met while competing for rival schools. Scott Dvorak and Eric Hichman were the fiercest of competitors, each always trying to out do the other. The fact that Scott ran for North Carolina State University, and Eric for the University of North Carolina, only added fuel to the fire. From that fierce rivalry though, a friendship was spawned off the track that lasted even after the two had parted ways after college. Scott continued to pursue his athletic career, which later brought him to Charlotte to be closer to his coach, Charlotte native Jim Cooper. There, Scott made a home and a name for himself as one of the top distance runners in the United States.

Eric, a Gastonia native, pursued his own running for a short time, qualifying for the 1992 Olympic Trials, but then left his serious running life and Chapel Hill for new opportunities in Asheville, North Carolina. There, Eric worked for a few years in sales for a major copier manufacturer before going into business for himself. In 1997, Eric opened Jus’ Running, a running specialty store in Asheville, which caters to runners and walkers of all levels and abilities.

In August of 2000 the two former competitors reunited to open the first Charlotte Running Co. in the Historic South End District of Charlotte, just south of Uptown. In 2003, Eric made the decision to pursue other interests, getting out of the business all together.

In March of 2004, the store moved from its original location in the Historic Leeper-Wyatt Grocery Store Building to a larger 2400 sq. ft. location at Dilworth Gardens Shopping Center in the Dilworth Community of Charlotte.

In 2006, Scott opened a second location in the Promenade Shopping Center in South Charlotte. He sold that store to Donny Forsyth in July of 2010. Donny, one of the top masters triathletes in the nation, boasted a long and impressive triathlon resume and brought that knowledge to the Promenade store.

Today, the Charlotte Running Co. is owned by Scott, Donny, and Jamie Davis who continue to strive to provide the Charlotte fitness community with the best possible product and customer service available……PERIOD!


  • Address 5355 Ballantyne Commons Parkway
    Ste 200
    Charlotte, NC 28277
Why can't I just buy my shoes online?
Fit Philosophy At Charlotte Running Company we have a calculated set of skills specific to an organization called the Running Industry Association. This association’s purpose is to maintain and propel a passion for runners while also driving our customers into brick and mortar stores for a Specialty Run experience. What sets us apart from other shoe stores, and what makes us Specialty*, is our Fit process. Above all our mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience, and find the right shoe the first time. Fit We will do this by qualifying each of our customers individually and not on a general scale of measure. Some questions you may be asked upon entry: Are you dealing with any injuries? Are you training for anything? Have you ever been fit for running shoes before? These questions help us better provide the most accurate and precise Fit Experience. We then measure your foot, making sure that we have you in the appropriate size shoe. We’ll look at a your foot shape, making sure we bring out shoes that best accommodate your foot pattern. Next, comes the most important part of our process: the Video Gait Analysis. We will first bring out a neutral shoe for you. This shoe has a single density foam which allows for the most accurate depiction of what shoe a person needs. We will then walk you over to our treadmill where we will create a profile and watch you run. We suggest, not mandate, that you run because when we run our body’s weight is multiplied by 2.5 times. Any inefficiency in our gait is multiplied during this activity so it’s important that we take a look at any deviation in the angles from our ankles, to our knees, to our hips. After a 20 second video we will break down our recording frame by frame, select 1 of 5 categories according to what we see, and then bring out options from our 13 brand selection. Feel After having pulled shoes, you will try them all on for feel and comfort. We will allow you to try several shoes, allowing you the opportunity to compare them all in search of the most natural, comfortable fit. After doing so, our team member will double check the fit, and make sure everything is appropriate for each individual customer in accordance with our fit philosophy. This includes both the actual physical fit of the shoe around the foot, and how the shoe fits your individual gait. Cost Finally, we discuss cost and color. We have so many brands not to fill inventory space, but rather to make sure we can provide an exceptional and awesome experience to anyone that walks through our door. We pride ourselves on being an option for EVERYONE, cost aside. We also, know that you want to look great in all of your fitness endeavors. For this reason we’ll provide a catalog with a variety of color options after having chosen the best shoe for you. *Specialty: a pursuit, area of study, or skill to which someone has devoted much time and effort and in which they are expert.