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Providing Nourishment to the body by activating its natural healing system!

Whole Foods, Raw Foods, Vegan, Live Vegan, Vegetarian, Non GMO

Palliative foods created with fresh herbs, vegetables, grains and natural oils to activate the bodies natural healing system. Encouraging healing and protection for nutritional deficiencies and health system management by partnering with nature to create delicacies pleasing to the eye and the palate! Food is your Medicine!

delivering hot and cold meal preparation daily  Just ask Kendra 9802397579

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Will Hemp appear on a drug screen with a positive result such as Cannabis/Marijuana?
No it will not result in a positive drug screen. The Hemp plant contains only trace amounts of THC, with digestion that would require you to eat a vat of hemp seeds, that would be over a ton! Hemp is completely legal across the United States for nutritional consumption.

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