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Royal Change 30 Day Transformation

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Hi I am Sydney Cummings, founder of Royal Change Fitness.  I want YOU to start up with me and a BIG team of people from all over the country on January 1, 2018!  This is my biggest program yet!



What’s in the Program?!
1. Royal Change Exclusive Tool Kit which includes a Royal Change Body tape measure, a Royal Change dry erase board for proress pictures, and a dry erase marker
2. 30 Day Gym Workout Schedule
3. 30 Day At-Home Workout Schedule
4. 30 Day At-Home Workout Videos
5. Exercise Demonstration Video Library with all the exercises in the program explained and modifications provided
6. 30 Day Meal Guide with Recipes for every meal!
7. Grocery Store List
8. Food Exchange List
9. Macronutrient Calculator
10. Interactive Team Community Wall
11. Private Upload Portal for Progress Pictures
This fitness program is truly the WHOLE package! I wanted to give that to you so that when you invest in this program you invest in EVERYTHING you need to see your best transformation for your body starting this year!
It is also really important to have a team going through this process with you so that you never feel alone in this journey! I will be doing the program with you as well, and I will hold you accountable with check ins so that I can assure your results!
Click below to grab your copy and get hyped-this program is about to kick start your body transformation and we are going to make 2018 your best year ever!

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