At CLTFITLIFE we meet so many great people by getting out and being active in the community at fitness and wellness events around Charlotte. It feels so great to be living out your purpose while doing what you love, for me that is helping spread awareness about health and fitness and adding value to people’s life and business.

Back in September at Open Streets 704 we met Tyler, Mariah, Jerimiah, and Estelle. They’d discovered the event through the CLTFITLIFE regional community calendar and decided to come hang out with us. I learned about their plans to embark on the entrepreneurial journey together as a family and open up a holistic wellness service, which is now known as First Float. Fast forward many months of hard work and faithfulness First Float is now open in Huntersville. Located at 16501 Northcross Dr B, Huntersville, NC 28078 Huntersville, NC in the location that is formerly known Buoyance.

I had the opportunity a few days ago to catch up with Tyler and family for a tour of the beautiful space and to have my very first floatation therapy session. First float boasts a very relaxing spa like ambiance with clean and spacious rooms for salt therapy, massage therapy, and floatation therapy and plans to expand soon. My experience with floatation therapy was very spiritual my session was in the sensory deprivation chamber where you are totally enclosed and float in water mixed with lots of Epsom salt so you float in a suspended state of total relaxation. I think everyone should experience this at least once. Read our interview with Tyler to learn more about CLTFITLIFE’s newest partner First Float.

Tell us about how you got involved with Float Therapy:
I was reading and following Dave Asprey with Bulletproof coffee company and the Biohacking movement where one of the tools introduced was Float Therapy. My Wife Mariah bought my first float therapy session for my birthday at a spa back in Indianapolis.

The big part of the floatation therapy is the sensory deprivation part; we are constantly bombarded with sensory input. We are either on our phone all the time, or on the computer, or driving around constantly, most of the time around dirty lighting. 40 years ago when we did not have all the sensory input overload, nowadays the majority of stress is typically comes from sensory overload, there is way too much input. Floatation therapy helps you to be able to calibrate your system again and getting to that center point, it really allows you to focus and accept and control those sensory inputs afterwards.

Tell us a little bit about First Float’s plans and vision for transition:
As far as going from Buoyance to first float the biggest thing is being accessible to the community extended hours to make it easy for people to get in. We are bringing in new massage therapists to extend the book able time.
First Float vision is all about optimizing performance in whatever that means to you. If you have fibromyalgia and if getting out of bed is a great day for you we want to help facilitate for you. If you are a high performance athlete or a Crossfitter and you want great quick recovery and just the mental edge in whatever sport you are doing is what we are pushing for. The whole concept is to really build Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Country to this greater mental space so that we can all perform our best and be the best we can be.


What are all the services you currently offer:
Along with the float therapy we have Massage Therapy, Halo Therapy/Salt Room Therapy, and Infrared Therapy. Halo Therapy is where we spray salt into the room to help clean out the respiratory system help recover from the cold and flu and really great for folks with COPD or asthma. Infrared therapy is great for a detox too.

As a new member of CLTFITLIFE network how do you plan on educating, engaging, and activating community?
One of our core focuses is building community. Floatation therapy incorporated and integrated with other styles therapy, such as physical therapy, chiropractic, psychiatry you can accelerate recovery time tremendously.
We are working hard on to be a great information resource for you to be educated
We are turning the scientific research into digestible chunks of information so that you can come into the service very educated about what you are getting into and what’s available to you as a more holistic service.

Go visit first float to try Floatation therapy today!!