My Wife Katrina and I had been involved in a car accident back in December right before the Best of Charlotte Health and Fitness awards.  Since then I have been going to see a chiropractor twice a week but I still just can’t get my neck to feel right again.  I had been discomfort in my trap and shoulder muscles very similar to career ending neck injury I sustained between my C4 and C5 vertabrae almost 15 years ago.  So I went out to talk my friend and owner of Posture Neurology in Charlotte Johnny Moses, a good friend of mine and one of the top experts in the field of posture neurology.  This guy knows his stuff.  So after he performed an assessment on me my body’s feedback directed him that my agitated neck injuries are likely a manifestation of a misaligned right hip injury.  You have got to go pay him a visit and read till the end as we have a special discount for our CLTFITLIFE community.  Check out our conversation:

What is posture neurology?

Basically, it’s finding the root causes to musculoskeletal imbalances. So people who have pain, weaknesses, tight muscles, figure out where it’s coming from and what needs to be done to correct it.


How did you get into this field?

I am a Posture Neurologist, posture expert, relaxation therapist, practitioner in applied movement neurology.

I basically started out corrective exercise personal training side. Preventing injuries, getting people away from injuries, sports performing training, that’s kind of how I initiated into training.

Everything kind of just evolved into posture and neurology over the years, of just trying to figure out how to best correct the body or what the person needs. So just figuring out that our posture, our body alignment, how we are positioned is very important. But then neurological, everything works from our brain. So that’s just how everything just evolved into this.


Were you a baller?

Yeah. Former basketballer, ex basketball player, so that from that sense as well too, I was able to translate the movement because as basketball players, you know you want to perform at the highest levels. So figuring out what needs to be done from a neurological side from a posture side and from a movement side, like everything, translates into, no matter if you are an athlete, you’re an office worker, you’re anything — a marathon runner — how you stand and sit is the most important and how that works through the brain is the key for that.

How is Posture neurology different chiropractic or physical therapy?

The main thing is that physical therapy, chiropractors, from what I see, is that if you have a shoulder injury or a knee injury then they are going to evaluate and assess that area.

So they are going to provide their treatments and their recovery process for that knee or for that shoulder. Most times that’s not the main problem; it’s not the root cause of where it is coming from. So I get more extensive into it and I look for — where is the root cause? Is it coming from a specific level of the spine? Is an organ related to it? Is it glands? — so I put everything, a holistic approach, into it to get to the root causes, basically.


What type of person will benefit most from coming to see you?

Typical people are people who sit a lot, people who sit at desks, developing that posture for 8-10 hours a day.  So you sit at a desk for 8-10 hours, you drive in the car for an hour and then you go home and sit for 2-3 hours. So that’s 10-15 hours a day that you are sitting. So your body is naturally used to sitting in that position. Through that, those are a lot of the people that I work with.

Also anyone who is an athletic enthusiast or exercise enthusiast, boot camps and different things like that, sometimes you develop different types of shoulder pain a little back pains or knee injuries or things like that, and the typical process for that is to just stay off of it. Not go in and rest on it a couple of days, maybe put some ice on it.

But neurologically and physically you’re changing the course of your body and changing its systems. So later on in life when certain systems are needed, that’s when the injuries come in, that’s when the diseases, that’s when the inflammation, the disorders come into play, and it’s because we are not taking care of these little nagging injuries or these little knicks and knacks.

So that’s where I come in to provide that neurological input into that system to get everything back in order so that you — down the line 10 years from now you don’t have to worry about breaking down.

What can a new client expect when they come to see you?

We sit down for a consultation that lasts 15-30 minutes we perform several neurological tests to determine what I see happening within your body. Breaking down how it is that I can correct it.

You get a treatment once per week that basically stimulates your body. All of the muscles that were tight, they’re relaxed. All of the muscles that were weak, they’re now strengthened. The neurological systems that were imbalanced, we’ve now brought them back to a balanced state.

Then I provide for you a workout to do at home on your own. There’s an upper body, a mid-body, or lower body exercise techniques with foam rolling, stretching, muscle activation techniques in there, and then a neurological treatment.  All of those things that, in the consultation, that you did wrong – this is how I will tailor your neurological treatment.

I give a chart that is designed specifically to which muscles are tightened in your body with that. So you take away three things — you have your take-home program, you have your posture correction and your neurological correction.  

It’s a life-changing type of program as opposed to just — I’m trying to lose 10, 15, 20, pounds and what do I need to do for that. But this is what you need to do for the rest of your life’s health.
So what kind of things are you doing to work together with other service providers to benefit the community?

One of the main things is that I would love to continue to link with different fitness professionals, different fitness organizations and different people who are looking to move their bodies and get into a healthy lifestyle. If you love to do a bootcamp class, if you love to do marathon running, if you love to do yoga, this is going to heighten that area. I’m also working with special need children for ADHD. I work with children with dyslexia. I’m working with Alzheimer’s, dementia, different types of things like that in senior homes. So those are kind of the avenues that I’m looking to go into as far as helping out with the community.


Would you be able to provide a discount for CLTFITLIFE’s awesome community?

Absolutely! Normally our Four session package is $500 or $125 per session. However anybody who is books and appointment and mentions CLT Fit Life will get $100 off!! This is a great value because it’s not just the treatment that you’re getting. You’re getting a customized program to do at home on your own for every single day, Monday through Sunday and this is designed specifically for your body. You get the charts and videos that breakdown everything on how to do it.

Then with that you get advice on proper sleeping techniques, on how to sleep better, sleeping positions, where to place the pillows at. You get a posture chart that gives you the posture cues on what to focus on with your posture. Ergonomics checklist on how to position your office and things like that. Better driving techniques and things. So it’s not just like I said, you’re getting the treatment, you get a whole lifestyle program to really give you that longevity with your success.


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