TC Fitness Lifestyle in the University Area is undeniably one of Charlotte’s most intimate personal training studios where you can get up close and personal with the one and only Owner and Head Trainer Taylor Calamese.  Since 2015 Taylor has been helping our community by providing personalized training and lifestyle modification programs to keep Charlotte healthy and chronic disease rates at bay.  We spoke with her to find out a little bit more about how she lives Her Fitness lifestyle.  Read on to get a glimpse inside the life of this Fitness Lifestyle warrior.


Tell me a little about you:

I am a Charlotte native. I currently have a private personal training studio in North Charlotte where I specialize in one on one private training.  As far as my education background have a Sports Management degree from Winston Salem State University.  I have a master’s degree in exercise sports science from East Carolina University where I specifically looked at psychology behind assessing, measuring, and promoting physical activity.  I am a certified exercise physiologist, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, weight management specialist, and group fitness instructor.


What is you expertise:

My expertise is in weight management particularly with women. My workouts are typically composed of high intensity training coupled with strength training in order to get the most effective results in the shortest amount of times


What can a typical client expect?

A typical client can expect from the day they walk in: a consultation so before we do any working out we go over all your medical concerns your exercise history have you worked with a trainer before.  We get the psychology behind what has motivated you to take this step in your life.  From there we figure out your training schedule your training program.  You come in for your first session we do all your assessments, your measurements, we do your weigh-in.  Then we get started, we usually start out in circuit training fashion and then I figure out your current fitness levels and we move on to incorporating sets and progressively get harder as the weeks go on.

So what is your fit lifestyle?

My ultimate goal is to be as strong and as capable as I can be.  That means I do a variety of training.  I did bodybuilding I like lifting weights I like feeling strong I also do a combination of body weight training and a combination of cardio.  Really high intensity training I do a lot of treadmill workouts here in my studio, I like quick hard intense workouts normally lasting about 45 minutes at the most.


What are some suggestions for getting fit in 2018?

I recommend just starting with basic things that make a big difference in the long run like drinking water.  I am partnered with an initiative in Mecklenburg county called I heart water (  There whole initiative is to replace all sugary beverages with water, which could solve our problem of not drinking all your calories.  If you decide to join a gym meet with the trainer have them take you for an orientation around the gym, try going in the off peak hours if you feel intimidated.  Also just do 30 minutes of movement,  commit to a certain time every day where you are just going to move for 30 minutes it has tremendous health benefits and it doesn’t have to be exercise per say but moving, playing with your kids, jogging in place but 30 minutes at the same time every day.


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